This newsletter highlights the perspectives on current affairs, culture, and society of journalists, activists, and artists of what we call the "former Soviet Bloc," "Eastern Europe," or "the New East." There are many words for it – yet for most reporters this region is still a blank canvas waiting to be defined by observant Western eyes.

To offset this imbalance, in each edition we recommend a couple of articles that view the region through a more complex lens or give an insider’s perspective on current happenings in one country; as well as a special shout-out to one extra-stereotypical description of The East. We also recommend offline pleasures – books, movies, or music. Furthermore, each issue will include an original essay to give you food for thought on the region between Berlin and Baku.

In the current political climate, it is our decided intention to amplify progressive and feminist voices from our region, and reflect the many complex discussions already happening.

You can read our archive of past issues here.

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